About Christophe Kolb
Christophe Kolb is Executive Chairman and co-founder of Talent Trust. Headquartered in San Francisco, Talent Trust employs mobile experts at our own development centers in Córdoba, Argentina and Lima, Peru. Our talented people are seasoned technologists with solid backgrounds in software engineering and cutting-edge skills in mobile web / HTML5, Android, iPhone / iPad, and BlackBerry. We have the technical expertise, industry knowledge, and proven capability to deliver winning mobile solutions, and have done so for some of the world’s greatest companies. Our mission is to help our enterprise clients win in mobility, with: • Captive development centers in Córdoba, Argentina and Lima, Peru • Same time zone advantage for U.S. clients, enabling real time communication • Cost-effective offshore development solutions for mobile • Focus on mobile for enterprise clients • 10-year track record of successfully servicing a blue-chip client base in predominantly multi-year relations • Agile development methodology (Scrum and Kanban) • Close collaboration with clients / Product Owners (daily stand-up meetings) • Excellent English communication skills

One Response to The Portal Is Dead. Long Live The Portal.

  1. Mark Kell says:

    Hi Christophe!

    I enjoy your blog and have now read this entry several times and have laughed out loud each time I read it. Your command of English, especially American English, astounds me as nobody else’s does (bad grammar, I know). And everywhere I go SharePoint seems to be a topic. It was a big topic at Quest and a big moneymaker for them by selling consulting services for SharePoint consulting. Seems that SharePoint is not an easy product to configure and administer. We could charge EUR 80 / hour for this. Damn expensive!

    Unfortunately, I have to say that SharePoint is not only expensive to configure and administer, but also locks a company, again, into the MS model. One of the biggest advantages of SharePoint is it’s integration with MS Office and MS Outlook. But if you’re an organization that isn’t 1000% tied into MS then there are several other CMSystems out there that provide decent functionality.

    Alas, it’s difficult to sell Joomba, WordPress, Typo3 or Drupal consulting. So your SharePoint strategy seems right on. Go for it, and lots of success!


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